Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A colourful life of mine

My life is simple, for those who know me, they will understand more about me.  I do not like to make up my face. I do not like to look gorgeous with my dress around my friends. I just wear Baju kurung ,sometimes jubah. And when I not in mood to wear baju kurong, I will wear t-shirt to class, when I wearing t-shirt, I can walk fastly to class. I have a superb family. I was the eldest from five. My mom is a single mother and she is 40 years old while I am 20. My father passed away when I was 17 years old. I love you dad!  That why, both of us like a close friend. When we walk together, my friends think that we are siblings. We almost shared the same hobbies such as watch Korean Drama, love to cook something new, like to gathering together and have a nice talk and like to stay at home( both of us do not like to jalan-jalan ). All my younger brothers and sisters have their own weird habit. The second one like to eat but she so skinny, The third does not like to stay at home. The forth like to sulking, she is so sensitive. and the last one love to play with girl.(my youngest brother has a lot of girl friend and they love to play pondok-pondok ). I love my family so much !!!!. Sometimes, when we go to mosque to performs our prayer, we love to stay in front together. Then, people will asked, " where is your mother? " We pointed to our mom. They thought my mother is the eldest. I hope our relationship will close and even closer from time to time ; )

You can share your life too...



Monday, 10 October 2011

A special KIMBAP from my mom ; )

I was went back to my hometown last weekend and had a great holiday with my family even not all of my family member were at home. I miss my mother a lot, she just like my best friend to me. Be to best friend forever : ) Before I went back to UPSI, my mom went to ECONSAVE,it was  near to my house area to buy something to cook. While me, waited alone and watch tv. After a while, my mom arrived and bring a lot of thing. Then, I asked,," What are you going to cook today mom?" . "Kimbap just like in Korean's dramas " my mom answered. My mom and I love to watch Korean drama compared to Malay drama. Okay,, let me show you how to make kimbap. Take your pen and notes now !! ; )

STEP 1- Cook rice

STEP21- Boil fish cake, hot dog and crab cake

STEP 3- Cut a carrot,  fish cake, crab cake, and fried egg

STEP 4-Put some rice on your sea weed. Then, put the ingredient above as you like. and base on your own creativity. Do not forget to put a little bit of mayonnaise. Then roll it with plastic.

STEP 5- Eat happily with your family

 Please try friend, It was easy, fast and super delicious ; )

Sunday, 9 October 2011


HAHAHAHA . . . I am just kidding. : )


Wow,, so pretty!!!

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. First of all, I want to apologies to all of you due to my blog title today. I just want to attract you to read my entry. Sorry guys ! ! !

       there were so many paparazzi!!

okay,, lets start. My cousin Nur Fahidia binti Kamarulzaman was being a wife yesterday. Tha akad nikah's ceremony was happened at Masjid Az-Zubair, Kuala Lumpur. She is 24 years old met a good guy which is also in the same age from Kuala Lumpur. They were in love for such in a long time ( but I did not know how long because I did not had time to interview the bride). They engaged for only  less than  a  month and they were decided to get married yesterday.

Superb cute!!!!!!!

With only once said also known as  SEKALI LAFAZ, know they were husband and wife.  On that time, I can not stop smiled, I was imagined.. . . hihihihihi. I hope both of you will get a cute baby!!!!

 HOLD....HOLD....HOLD... hehehehehe.

Look at the bride groom,, he made a funny face . We were laughed because of that. : ) 

 These are the presents from the bride to the  bride groom. Can I have that pink camera??

Friday, 7 October 2011


When I go to the beach, I will stay until dusk to see the big creation  of God. The sunset. I feel great and calm. It was so beautiful !! Sunset appear to occur when the sun disk is already about one diameter below the horizon. Sunset is distinct  from dusk, which is the moment at which darkness falls which occurs when the Sun is approximately eighteen degrees below horizon. The period between sunset and dusk is called TWILIGHT ( now I knew why the movie entitled TWILIGHT). The sunset creates unique atmospheric conditions such as the often intense orange and red colour of the sun and the surrounding sky. : )

driving licence ; )

  Thank to God, because I can dive this without licence
This semester, I was registered to take driving licence. where???  In front of campus. At pintu timur. Iwas attended the KPP class and next week I am going to take computer test. Wish me luck friends ! ! !. BUT, I felt weird. Why all my friends got higher mark for the test? My friend Aina and Mahiza got 48. It was so suprised. Then, I asked my classmate, oh my God, She got 49. How they do that? How about me?

first test- 36

second test-37

third test-39



Thank to God, because I do not have to pay for the trial test. I read that book for almost 2 time but I do not know why I can not score. My friend said " It was easy lahhh" . I don't think so. Wish me luck for the real test firends! : )

tommorow is so busy : )

Early in the morning  I have to wake up early to go to learn martial art which is TAEKWONDO. haiiiyyakkkk!!! After class, I have to run to train station to go back home. I miss my hometown so much ! ! !After I arrive to home I will go back to kampung fastly because my cousin want to engage tommorow.  Then, I have to go to Negeri Sembilan because my grandmother want to go to Mecca. After that, I have to go back to Kuala Lumpur because my another cousin want to get married. Oh my god, I cant imagine what is going to happen tommorow. I hope all of thing will run smoothly. 


The world is full of other people, and their numbers growth day by day.  Please do this activity . You will surprised!

1.      First, write your name in a centre of your A4 paper.
2.      Next, try to fill the remaining blank space on the page with the names of people you know. Take as long as you need, try to feel the entire page.
3.      Now, draw a single line through the center of the page. It should cut through the box with your name in it.
4.      Finally, choose a name at random in each of the two sections of the pageand circle them both.

The name you circle in the upper belong to someone you respect most or standing above you. The person whose name you circled in the bottom half is someone you take for granted or look down. You may be surprised to find that these feelings are in no way related to whatever not you like the people in question. Love and respect do not always go hand in hand : )

The hottest beach in MALAYSIA

Teluk Dalam

It is located on the northern side of Redang.From Pasir Panjang beach, Teluk Dalam is considered inaccessible. You should rent a boet to go there. This is the simply the best beach in Redang and probably in the whole of Malaysia. The beach is clean and calm. The sand is powdery soft and you have to be there to believe it. Honestly, this is the softest sand and i have even seen throughout Malaysia. The beach is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. You should go here! I was fell in love with this beach. I hope I can go here soon. : )

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

great benefits of having a vacation .

Having a vacation is good in your life.  Sometimes, we should ran away from our busy life. Bring your family and friend to have a vacation with you.  Take a deep breath and put all your responsibilities and work behind you. Having a vacation will improve your mental health. We will forget all of our work for a while and be happy. This is reducing
stress.Other than that, it will closer your relationship with friend and family. It is normal when we are facing fight with family especially for their first marriage experiences. So , by having a vacation  will top up your relationship, forget all the thing that make you unhappy and open a new book. ! By having a vacation also inspired you to do something. It is true because it was happen to me. When we are in a peace place, we can think more rationally.  I hope all of you must have a vacation a least one in a year! : )

How to be a good friend !

Everyone has  their own best friend included me.  Friend is so important in our life. we need friend when we are in a hard time.There are willing to be with you, kind hearted and except us as their friends.   But how to be a good friend? These are the characteristics that you should have to be a good friend:
  • BE HONEST- be honest to your friend is important because it is hard to trust you if you are not honest to your friends. Do not lie and keep your promises. A good friendship is based on trust, if you break it, it is hard to built the friendship.
  • BE RESPECTFUL-Respect your friends decisions. Except their differences. A good friend is not just have most similarity. It is about how you except each other. Understand them and sometime they need a time to be lonely. Give your friends a space to think.
  • WATCH OUT YOUR FRIEND- If your friend look like under control such as taking drug, stop them. Do not ever assume that they are big enough to think about themselves. Take action and give advise.
  • BE A GOOD LISTENER-Be a good listener to them.You do not have to agree if what they said is true. Just listen what is their opinion and respect it.

Actually, there are any other characteristics to be a good friend but these are the main. To have a good friend must start from yourself.

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."                                   by Dior Yamasaki

Sunday, 2 October 2011

desert time !!

Today I want to share something spacial. It is the recipe on how to make a CREAMY PUDDING.! You mus try because it is so easy.

step 1-Take out all these ingredients

  • milk
  • sugar
  • agar-agar
  • water 
  • coco(milo also can)
step2-heat the water with agar-agar until all of them mixed.

step 3-put 3 cup uf milk and 1 cup of sugar( it is depend on you ,if you are on diet, decrese the amount of sugar)

step4-heat them until mixed.

step5-put into refrigerator

step6-EAT ! ! !

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hello guys, I do not even take a rest today because of my pack schedule. Early in the morning, I have to go to taekwondo class from 8.00 a.m until 11 a.m. It was so tired. I felt weird to my taekwondo instructor, Ibrahim. He was so energetic. I do not  where the energy come from. Even  it was so tired but it was fun. Then I had to take my computer test trial after taekwondo class. For your information, I was registered to take driving licence  this semester. Wish me luck okay!!! After that, I went back home around 12 p.m. Then I ate and performed Zohor prayer. Then , I have to rushed to be prepared for seminar. The seminar will end tomorrow night. Oh God, when I am going to touch my assignment? ? I want to sleep.... z z Z

ATTENTION: If anybody are willingness to help me to do my assignment WITHOUT ANY CHARGES. Please come to my home as soon as possible. Thank you. : )