Wednesday, 21 December 2011

homesick again ; (

No Place Like Home

When you're homesick, you're not sick in the usual way — like with a cold or chickenpox. Homesick means you're upset, sad, and maybe scared. A kid might cry when he or she is homesick. You might also have a headache or stomachache because being upset can sometimes make your body feel bad, too.

my home : )
It's hard to be homesick because you're caught between two things you want — to have fun with your friends and to be back home where you feel safe. It's also hard because you might feel funny leaving a party or having to call your mom or dad from camp. But don't feel weird. A lot of people get homesick, even grown-ups.
When you're used to having certain people and things around you, it can be scary when they're gone. How will you fall asleep at your friend's house without your night-light and the sound of your mom watching TV in the next room? Won't it be weird at camp without your dad to give you a kiss goodnight?
Feeling homesick can be even rougher if you're dealing with other problems, too. Some kids may feel more homesick than usual if their parents are getting divorced or if someone they loved has recently died. These kinds of scary and sad experiences may make you even more attached to everyone and everything around you, including the little things you don't even think about until they're not there.

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