Wednesday, 21 December 2011

why girl love flower

Sending flowers tells a girl that you're thinking of her, even when you're not together. The element of surprise, the tiny card with a secret note, the expectation of a next meeting--it's all very titillating and heightens the growing sense of anticipation between you.
Should I Bring Flowers?
Bringing flowers is a lovely gesture, and we highly recommend it, but the Plucked Girls agree that it just doesn’t carry the same feeling. If you show up for a date with flowers, you will make a girl happy, but you will have missed the chance to weave a more thrilling encounter prior to your date.
Send flowers earlier in the day and she will be thinking of you for hours. Do it the day after and extend her pleasure well beyond the date. She may even ask you back for more!
After all, flower delivery keeps a girl on her toes and lets her know she can expect the unexpected with you.

Florist Delivered or Premium Gift Box
Some guys like the idea of a florist writing out a sexually charged message card on their behalf, and hand delivering the flowers. It’s the voyeur thing—someone out there is aware of the connection between you and the girl to whom you are sending flowers. We get it. It’s hot. 
One step removed from that is the premium gift box delivery. Now the dream arrangement is dropped at her doorstep, waiting for her to come home.
Whichever way your flowers are delivered, we recommend that you choose the arrangement selected by the Plucked Girl whose personality most reminds you of your girl. We can always upgrade it with more flowers, chocolates, magazines or balloons. But we want you to trust our Pluck'd Girls!

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