Thursday, 15 December 2011


Pregnant despite test results
12 December 2011
When I didn't get pregnant after over one year of trying, I assumed I was infertile. However, exactly 13 months after my wedding date, I got pregnant! The delay was probably because my cycle had changed from 30 to 36 days and I wasn't aware which were my fertile days.  After four months of trying on what I thought were my fertile days, my period was delayed by four days. I was so confused as my period had never before been late and all five pregnancy tests that I did daily showed a negative result! Even an ultrasound showed that I was not pregnant. The doctors I saw told me my period was just delayed, and that there was no baby. One of the doctors even gave me medication to induce my period.  Yet, I was positive that I was pregnant. So, I waited. On the 10th day of my overdue period, I saw a positive result on the pregnancy test.  My pregnancy was a smooth one without any morning sickness or difficulties. The only discomfort I had was heartburn.  After 40 weeks of waiting, there was no sign of the baby coming out. I admitted myself into the hospital on the 41st week. This baby was sure a stubborn one as he only made his appearance after I was induced three times after being overdue for 10 days! I had back pain and contractions during my whole stay at the hospital but there was no opening of the cervix. I was in hospital for three days and only on the third day, when my contractions were stronger, did the nurse tell me that I was 3cm dilated.  I was in the labour ward at 8pm that day. With strong contractions and induced with pitocin I was in terrible pain yet I waited patiently for my baby boy to come. My husband was with me and more than three nurses and a doctor were there to bring the baby out. I remember the whole labour ward was noisy with urges to push and my husband was scolding me all the time for not pushing hard enough! The doctor warned me that he would need to use the vacuum or forceps if I didn't push hard enough and I got scared of the idea of pulling out my baby with the vacuum or forceps. With all my remaining strength I pushed the stubborn baby out. He only came out at 4.45am and weighed 3.94kg! The moment I held my son I had forgotten all the pain I went through and I thought it was all worth it to hold a beautiful baby like him. I was immediately ready to go through the 42 weeks again just to have a baby like him! I intended to breastfeed him exclusively, but like most new mothers I assumed my milk supply alone was not enough for him, so I added formula milk. That was my first mistake. The second one was not giving him my breast I went back to work when he was seven months old, and I continued expressing my milk at the office and feeding him when I went back home. I would wake up every three hours to warm the milk to feed him and I would express my milk before going back to sleep. I managed to continue to express my milk until he was one year old. Even though I know I missed the closeness of having him on my breast, I will congratulate myself for having managed to give him my expressed breast milk for one year. After four months, I stopped breastfeeding, and my period was delayed for two days. This time, I immediately went to my company's panel clinic and told the doctor I had missed my period. The lady doctor being very understanding (and knowing me) did an ultrasound and confirmed I was pregnant with my second baby. Even though the second baby came as a surprise, we are happy to be blessed with another baby so soon. Now I'm 32 weeks pregnant with another baby boy due in February.